Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grab Life and Run With it My Sweet Children

Why is it that I have tears in my eyes just from typing the title to this particular blog? As I sit here and think about it I realize it is not from sadness, but it comes from an overwhelming love for my children. As a parent, I couldn't ask for anything more out of life than to see my kids doing well and being happy.

After blubbering through our "last" family prayer before Jessica took off for school, I've become settled with the reality that my oldest has left the nest and is flying off to create a life for herself. She's been looking forward to this moment for some time and she's prepared herself well. I have no doubts that she'll be successful and grab life and run with it.

I went on a bike ride with Ashtyn and Ethan tonight as the sun was going down......yes, I am still putting my bike to good use. Still finding those pockets of joy. I am blessed, my children are blessed. We know, and have love. We have each other. We are family. Our bonds are eternal.

I always say the days go by slowly but the years really do fly by. Children are born and we are blessed with their beautiful spirits in our home for such a short time. Mothers and Fathers, never wish this time away with your children. You will have time to do "other things," for there is a time and a season to life. Nothing is more important than being a parent to your children. Diapers, snotty noses, sleepless nights, temper tantrums, teenagers, heartaches, laughs, and all. This is the best part of life. This is called raising children. JOY.